Pre Season Football Photo Shoot

Started your preparations for the new Football Season?

Why not add a pre-season football photo shoot into your preparations?


Extreme Aperture Photography will come to a pre season training session or pre-season friendly game and conduct a professional pre season football photo shoot for your players and coaching staff.  We’ll use our experience together with professional camera equipment, including off-camera flash, to provide you with a portfolio of high quality, high resolution images that can be used for;

– Updating and refreshing your website

– Keeping your social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter fresh, up to date and rich in visual content

– Including in match reports throughout the season, adding images of Player of the Match, or Goalscorers

– Providing to sponsors

– Selling back to players, players’ families and supporters to raise funds for the club

– Using on club merchandise, such as Calendars and postcards

– Promoting your club and enhancing the image of your club


The type of images you would get as part of this package include;

  • Traditional Team photos
  • Traditional ‘Head and Shoulder’ stock images of each player and member of the coaching staff
  • Stock images of each outfield player running towards the camera with the ball at their feet and heading a ball
  • Goalkeeper’s making a save and taking a goal kick
  • Portrait images of each player and member of the coaching staff
  • Portait images of player groups – e.g. goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders, forwards, coaching staff etc.
  • Action images, if the photo shoot takes place prior to a pre-season friendly (additional cost)


All we need from you is your co-operation during the photo shoot, helping to ensure all players are covered for each type of image taken and ensuring each person is available at the correct time – we will work closely with you to make this a very efficient process.  If you have a club house or indoor area, we can also set up our portable studio to enhance the images further.

The cost of the photo shoot starts at £50, which includes a total of 15 high resolution images from the many images that will be taken.  Additional images can then be purchased at £10 each.   For a complete set of high resolution images taken, the cost of the package is £200.  We can also work closely with you to put together a package that meets your requirements if  you have any specific needs or budgetary limitations.

If you’re interested in finding out more, or making a booking, then please get in touch – the first two bookings for the 2013/14 season will receive the top end package for £150!


Give us a call on 07545 970036 

 Let eXtreme Aperture Photography conduct your pre season football photo shoot!